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The Dream Show

A Salute to South LA

We celebrated our community’s resilience and spirit at The Dream Show with the entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, and more who make South LA shine.

Dive deeper into their stories below to learn more about their work and our community.


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Art+Practice front door
Art + Practice Poster
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Photo from Art + Practice
Synthia St. James art in MLK Community Hospital
Synthia St. James in her studio

Go for it, and stick to it. Always keep listening to that little, little voice inside that tells you you want to be an artist.

Synthia St. James
Synthia St. James Paint
Synthia St. James
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Pizza oven at Post and Beam

Opening the restaurant here was a kind of coming home.

Govind Armstrong
Founding Chef, Post & Beam
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Post and Beam article in the Los Angeles Times

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Dulan's on Crenshaw
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What I learned over the years is that restaurants are very important because we’re often the businesses that offer first opportunities and second chances. I’m very proud of that.

Greg Dulan
Owner, Dulan's on Crenshaw

Music has the ability to bring people together. Music is a universal language, music crosses borders, music unites cultures.

Charly Lowry
Indigenous Singer-Songwriter
D Smoke
Dirk Powell
Demeanor and Charly
Dirk Powell's studio

We are a product of South Los Angeles.

Chris Martinez
Principal Broker, Vinco Vinco Realty Group
Love mural in S LA
Vinco Vinco Realty Group
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S LA Neighborhood
Chris & Jose Martinez, Vinco Vinco Realty Group

It's really cool to be working here in South LA and helping the community at the same time.

Cassie Betts
Founder, Made in South LA (MISLA)
Sign that reads Don't just exist, live
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Hot and Cool Cafe
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Hot and Cool Cafe
Roots & Agriculture

When you’re working with something that’s as massive as a horse, you really build that sense of ‘I have to take care of something that’s bigger than me,’ and that’s how we have to look at community, as we have to take care of something that’s bigger than us.

George Magallanes
Urban Saddle
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People riding horses
horse and girl
Moonwater Farms

The garden is the healthiest when it’s diverse. The soil is the healthiest when you have the most diverse amount of life.

Kathleen Blakistone
Co-creator, Moonwater Farm
Moonwater Farm
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Person planting seeds

We have a separate and unequal health system and the lack of access to quality healthcare is killing minorities in this country.

Dr. Elaine Batchlor
CEO, MLK Community Healthcare

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This is home, this is family. When you grow up in an underserved community, one thing that can be very obvious is the lack of physicians that look like us.

Dr. Yulsi Montero
MLK Community Healthcare
MLK Community Health Staff

We wouldn't exist as a hospital without the community's support.

Michelle Goldson
MLK Community Healthcare
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