Covid-19 Response

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Our response to COVID-19
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A Community’s Generosity

We can’t do it alone. Our community—in South LA and throughout the country—rallied around us in our fight against COVID-19. From gifts to our Emergency Fund to donations of meals and masks for our staff, we saw generosity in all its shapes and forms. We’re thankful for the support received during these critical times.

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Our Emergency Fund

As we respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, we face many unknowns. What is clear, though, is that our patients in South LA are at high risk. Often, during moments of crisis, it is communities like ours that are hit the hardest. With your support, we can make sure our patients stay safe, with a minimum of impact and a maximum of the care they will need.  

Our Emergency Fund ensures that we can respond to our patients’ and the hospital’s needs as they evolve. This fund allows us to be flexible and responsive, allocating resources where they’re needed most as the crisis continues to evolve.  

Generous gifts have helped to: 

During these times, we remain committed to the mission that has always guided us: Provide high-quality and compassionate care to our South LA community. 

Thank you for standing in support of our doctors and nurses on the front line, and for joining our fight against COVID-19. 

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