CCF Investment Supports Better Health Outcomes

CCF Investment Supports Better Health Outcomes

In 2016, the California Community Foundation (CCF) awarded an important $300,000 grant, through the Centinela Fund, in support of care coordination services at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital (MLKCH).

Already at work, this gift from CCF helps to ensure that every patient admitted to MLKCH receives robust care support services, including:

  • follow-up appointment scheduling
  • transportation assistance
  • prescription ordering

Our care coordination services assist patients in successfully managing their health after discharge—offering the kind of support and stability needed for better health outcomes.


About MLKCH Care Coordination Services

Care coordination services are a best practice used by hospitals nationwide to support the patient during hospital care and in their transition, preventing unnecessary readmissions and overuse of emergency services. In the majority of hospitals, these services are engaged only for patients considered at high-risk for readmission, and assigned only at discharge.

At MLKCH, by contrast, every inpatient receives a designated Care Team from the very beginning of their hospital stay. Led by a nurse Care Manager, Care Teams are accessible to patients 24/7 throughout their hospital stay, allowing the team to get to know the patient and the patient’s needs before hospital discharge.

MLKCH care coordination services support more than 2,500 discharged patients each month with services such as:

  • culturally and linguistically appropriate discharge instructions;
  • phone call check-ins with patients at home;
  • scheduling follow-up doctor appointments;
  • and referrals to appropriate community-based healthcare services.

We're grateful to The Centinela Fund of the California Community Fund for its recognition and support in this key area of better outcomes for all of our patients.

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