One Year Later: Peace of Mind

A gift to MLKCH comes full circle as seniors receive their vaccine shot at Gateway at Willowbrook

From Homeless to Healthcare

Rakeem Addison knows about hard times, but MLKCH gave him a chance. Now he wants to spread the love and encourage others to give back.

An ICU Leader Digs In

Anahiz Correa gives back because she knows the importance of investing in MLKCH, especially in the midst of a crisis.

Strange, Unpredictable, Deadly

The odds were stacked against patient James Simpson. But a dedicated team and high-quality care have been important tools in the uncertain battle against COVID-19. 

Infectious Disease Doctors Brace in South LA

Two infectious disease doctors prepare for a surge of patients with apprehension, fear—and hope. 

On the Front Lines of COVID-19 in South LA

Danica Riedlinger is an Emergency Department nurse putting her life on the line for a community she believes in.

It's About Time

What's one of the most important things a doctor can give a patient? Dr. Ben Cheng knows—time. 

The Caretaker

A near-death experience becomes a chance for Jimmie Brown to give back to his community.

A Prescription for a Better Life

An innovative, new program at MLKCH helps patients like Jolanda White manage their conditions—starting with what they eat. 

From the Ground Up

Ruben Aguayo gives back to MLKCH because he can relate to how important our hospital’s quality healthcare services are to the residents of South LA.

‘You Get Back What You Give,’ Says Mary Weiler

Six years ago, our Director of Medical Staff inspired the launch of MLKCH Gives. Today, she continues to lead others to give.

From Teen Mom to Maternity Department Leader

Tammy Turner became a mother at age 16 and was determined to break the cycle of poverty she had been born into by successfully pursuing a career in nursing.